beloved weekly shares { 3/52 }

Week 3/52: Beloved Weekly Shares

Three weeks in and I already missed week 2. Ha! It happens. Welcome to my perfectly imperfect blog. 🙂

I loved reading this wisdom from a mom looking back over her last 20 years of mothering. This is a really sweet read for those of us with littles, especially in the beginning of a new year.

I listen to just a few different podcasts, but Jamie Ivey’s “Happy Hour” is probably my favorite. This past week she chatted with Korie Robertson and it was really interesting to hear from her.

Two tips from The Nester to keeping your house tidy. Really smart.

From a healthcare standpoint and as a mom, I found this article really intriguing. Aven was estimated at 7 1/2 lbs on her last ultrasound, and the next day was born at 9.4 lbs! (I am SO glad I was unaware of her size or it totally would have messed with my head!) I wish more doctors would remember that it’s only an ESTIMATE when discussing method of delivery with expecting moms.

I have a goal to read 30 books this year and many of these book recommendations are on my To Read list. I’d love to hear any of your recent favorite reads. 

The Nester (my favorite home blog) has an amazing course in home design called The Cozy Minimalist where she covers all the basics and teaches you how to build a room step by step while using mostly what you already have. I loved going through this course, and registration is open again, but only for a few more days. 

hope everyone has a great week! I’m hoping to kick this sinus infection to the curb. 


beloved weekly shares {39/52}

For the past couple of months, I’ve been sharing my weekly links on Sundays (for the most part.) If you’re quick, you’ll notice that a) it’s not Sunday, and b) the title for these has changed. Nonetheless, here are some favorite reads and posts from this past week! I especially love the very last one from Sarah Bessey. I just keep thinking about it, so definitely don’t skip that one. 

{ the small things blog }
I love this makeup look. Fresh, clean, simple. Also, how stunning is Kate Bryan? Love her. 

{ under the sycamore }
Are you a hummingbird or a buzzard? I know that sounds like a strange question, but just go with it. 

{ emily p freeman }
I just started this book, Simply Tuesday, by Emily Freeman. It’s an invitation to slow down and see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Really liking it so far.

{ one little momma }
Who knew clogs could be this cute? Are clogs back? Is this a thing? So many questions. 

{ sarah bessey }
How many of our stories do we censor so we don’t make others uncomfortable, or to make ourselves feel better? This is my top read for the week – don’t miss it!

As always, thanks for reading. I hope this week is on track to be a great one for you!

Also, I have to include a picture of Aven. If not I will receive a snarky text from my mom, and since she reads everything I write, I figure I owe her. Here ya go, mom. 🙂

This is Aven’s first hole-in-one. Little cheater.

weekly links: 38/52

I look forward to putting together my favorite finds and reads each week for you, since it’s basically an excuse to read all of my favorite blogs and talk about them. Really, I could do that all day every day. I’m not sure what’s going on this week, but I’m coming up a little empty-handed. Some weeks there is just less content that I think “Ooh! I want to share that!” and I never want to link up to something that I’m not excited about. So until next week, here are some of my favorite Instagram feeds to follow:

{ kelly jensen }
Mama to five, she takes Sunday pictures with her entire crew. I also just like to hear some of her views on parenting and letting them be little. 

{ jess connolly } 
I mentioned her in a previous favorites post, but really – she is so inspiring and has a heart for women growing closer to God. I am SO excited to hear her speak at Allume conference next month!

{ the nester } 
Myquillyn is one of my favorite home design experts. She is all about making the most of what you have, and her motto is “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” – YES.

{ kelle hampton }
I read her book Bloom when it first came out and have been following her social media ever since. She is an artist of words and her three littles are as cute as they come. 

{ the gray gang }
She is a mom I admire – so different from me in a lot of ways, but I think we have the same heartbeat when it comes to our children. A really gifted writer. 

{ meg legs }
I just love her style. There are a couple of her outfits I would wear, no shame.  

{ kelli m campbell } 
She gives me a daily dose of Hawaii, where she lives – be jealous. 

{ angie smith }
She’s wordy but that’s one of the things I like most about her. She puts into words what I cannot. 

And just because, here’s this face, grabbed from my own instagram:

Happy Sunday! I hope this is an amazing week for you. 

weekly links: 37/52

So, I completely missed a week of favorites. It was bound to happen. I feel certain you’ll survive, so we’re just picking up with my favorite reads and such from over the past couple weeks. 

{ the lively show }
I’ll start with this because it’s just so random…but do you guys listen to podcasts? My mom likes to listen to them and has sent a few my way that I’m now hooked on. I’ve started listening to them while driving or doing dishes. I don’t even remember how I found this particular podcast, but it’s an interview with John & Sherry, the insanely successful bloggers behind Young House Love. So interesting hearing why they stepped away from blogging and how their lives have changed. 

{ incourage }
This is my favorite read from the week, hands down. A beautiful illustration of how the Father loves us, even when we are doubtful and unsure. 

{ uptown with elly brown }
How cute is this Mama Bear baseball tee?

{ jess connolly }
She is one of the most inspired women I read on a regular basis – if you aren’t following her on Instagram, you are seriously missing out. This post is a new way to combat envy and discontent.

{ little baby garvin } 
Although this isn’t from the past two weeks, I just happened upon it and am in love with this sweet mermaid-inspired nursery

{ night owl blog }
The kitchen and I are not exactly friends. I manage enough that my family doesn’t go hungry, but I really wish I was one of those people who was good at it and enjoyed it. All that said, this honey BBQ wings recipe sounds like something I can tackle!

Monday is coming! Make it a good one. Let’s not just live for the weekends.

weekly links: 35/52

Hi friends! 

Wow, I am behind this week! I recently added something else to my plate….(assistant to a photographer who I LOVE)…so needless to say, my days are very full right now. If you don’t know me personally or haven’t been reading my blog long, I am mom to 18-month old Aven, and a part-time Registered Sonographer in addition to writing all my words here. 🙂

So on with today’s words!

I’m sharing my favorite reads from last week (week 35/52). There are only four links this week because SEE FIRST PARAGRAPH. 🙂

{ the nester }
SIMPLE party decor, and using what you have to create a fun atmosphere for guests. 

{ mommy’s me time }
I’m not there yet, but I’m feeling for all you mamas sending babies off to school.

{ magnolia homes }
I have loved these old ladder displays for a long time, and I think it’s finally time my husband make me one. 🙂 

{ kate conner }
Finding your “people up close.”

Thanks for hanging with me while I learn how to juggle my time, and for giving me this space to write. I am so grateful. 

weekly links: 34/52

It’s late on Sunday night so I thought I’d play catch up and share my favorite links from this past week (week 34/52). This week we have a little of everything: inspiration, fashion, food, wisdom, and a smart tip that can bless other women! 

Ps., if you find a blog that you want to follow on a regular basis, a great way to keep up with them is with Bloglovin’.

images via links 3, 4, and 5 below.

{ we are that family }
WISDOM of the week: the six words that can change everything at home. 

{ the small things blog }
INSPIRATION of the week: I shared a “beauty” post from Kate last week, but this is more of a “day in the life” from her perspective as a mom of two under two (makes me need a nap just thinking about it). I think this will be reassuring for those of you who find yourselves in that season.

{ see vanessa craft }
RECIPE of the week: I am currently obsessed with raspberries, and chocolate is always a YES in my book, so this recipe for a Chocolate Raspberry Cake is definitely on my To Make list. (which is a short list, by the way.)  Also – – I can appreciate the detailed step-by-step instructions for this recipe! 

{ one little momma }
FASHION of the week: I’ve learned that cardigans, kimonos, and ponchos are staples for my wardrobe. (Also stripes, because Duh.) I love layering, and these kind of pieces make it easy to be comfortable and look cute. Maternity or not – I love almost all of these outfits.

{ redhead baby mama } 
TIP of the week: Lindsey is a friend of mine and she is now a mom of two! If you used a Medela breast pump while nursing, Lindsey tells you how you can pass it on to a mom in need (it’s really simple!)

Hope you’ve had a happy and relaxing weekend, friends! Let’s make this week a good one. 

This picture is brought to you by my mother who complains if a post is missing this face. Here ya go, mom. 🙂

weekly links: 33/52

Here we are with some good reads for week 33/52! (Posting this late because my arms were full with a sick baby for half the week!) This is the third post in a series I’m doing of my favorite finds each week. This is hopefully a way for you to read something you might have missed otherwise, and discover new blogs to follow. If you have a favorite link for this week, please post it in the comments so we can check it out!

{ You can catch up on the past posts in this series here and here. }

images via links 1, 2, and 4 below.

{ kate elizabeth conner }
I think I first discovered Kate Connor on Instagram, and I adore her writing. This post about the messy parts of life has me nodding in agreement and feeling so grateful for people who are willing to be honest.

{ country living }
I think pretty much everyone adores HGTV’s Fixer Upper, and I’m no exception. I’ve even said I wanted to be on the show just so I could tour the Gaines’ farmhouse and hang out with Chip and Joanna! Here is a photo tour of their house and it does not disappoint. My favorite spot? Probably that dreamy master bedroom. 

{ thrive moms }
This ministry has been so affirming to me as a mom, especially this post as I’ve spent hours on end holding my sick baby (and not getting much else done) this week. It couldn’t have come at a better time. 

{ the small things blog }
This is one of my favorite blogs to check in on. Although Kate is well known as a beauty blogger, she shares family updates on her little boys as well. This is her attempt to look “fresh in fifteen,” as she’s now a mom of two, so primp time has diminished greatly. I even tried this myself and was surprised at how much I was able to do in just 15 minutes!

{ coffee + crumbs }
Well if you haven’t already become a fan of this blog, this is my third attempt in three weeks to convert you. 🙂  Read this for a guilt-free perspective from a fellow mom on the hard days.

{ vintage revivals }
And lastly, how cute is this baby announcement? Ps. her DIY blog will rock your socks off. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

weekly links: 32/52

Here are my weekly link picks for week 32/52! If you didn’t see my last one, this is a series I’m doing of favorite blog finds each week.

And here we are with three of my favorite topics in general – Jesus, home decor, and babies. I mean, really – what else is there?

{ bower power }
I have been dying to decorate a bedroom like this – light bedding + dark walls. Cozy, right? Now that we actually have a guest room in the new house, this might have to happen. (ps., this blog is written by a mom to FOUR BOYS! She keeps it real, too, which I appreciate.)

{ coffee + crumbs }
(I warned you that this site will be popping up often in my weekly links….so here ya go): A reminder on why solid friendships are so life-giving, and why it’s important to allow friends to share in your pain.

{ magnolia homes }
I heart Joanna Gaines and all her ideas. This one is so simple and beautiful!

{ (in)courage }
Finding significance in who you are in Christ. And that’s more than enough.

{ little baby garvin }
How I know i’m not ready for more than one kid

Hope you enjoy these good reads! Monday is coming….make it a good one!

weekly links: 31/52

Welcome to a series I’m starting of my current favorite blog post finds – a round-up for each week of the year!

One of the main reasons I started blogging is because I enjoy reading other people’s blogs so much. I may or may not discover a (new to me) blog and delve embarrassingly deep into the archives (like very-beginning-deep) just so I can get the whole story and background in an only slightly obsessive way. Don’t judge. I just love other people’s stories, but hearing them straight from the source? Even better. Give me all the details.

I will be sharing some of these favorite reads with you, right here. Some will be humorous (ahem, Jen Hatmaker), many will be heartfelt, and others will just dole out awesome tips, tricks, and ideas. They may be articles, stories, videos, or images. You may not enjoy sifting through tons of blogs to find a gem, so I’ll do the searching for you and then happily hand over the jewels I discover along the way.

Here are my picks for WEEK 31/52:

{ the massey spot }
Amber and her husband already have two insanely adorable girl twins, and they just added another baby girl to the mix. This post is a newborn update complete with gorgeous photos that might make your ovaries hurt, ladies. Fair warning. Her instagram is also one of my favorite feeds to follow.

{ see vanessa craft }
I don’t even have school-aged children, but I love this printable survey from Vanessa. What a great way to find out the all the teacher’s favorites!

{ the nester }
Her motto is “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” and even aside from home decor, that notion is so inspiring. In this recent post of hers, Myquillyn details how she hosts guests even when her house is less than perfect. She’s completely transparent with her imperfections and gives you permission to follow her lead.

{ coffee + crumbs }
Heads up. I adore this collaborative motherhood blog. Full of wordy posts, completely relatable stories, and topped with a good dose of encouragement. So this blog will probably show up in my “weekly reads” on a fairly regular basis. I promise you’ll love them all, starting with this one.

{ michaela noelle designs }
Like this design and lifestyle blogger, I brake for sunsets. (No, for real. I do.) So her design picks inspired by a colorful sky has me rethinking my living room colors and craving some soft pastels.

PS.  Bloglovin is a great way to keep up with your most-read blogs, all in one place. I would love for you to follow me over there, and not only will you get an update when I have a new post, but you’ll also be able view all the blogs I follow and the posts I’ve saved.

PPS.  Know what would make me really happy? Finding new amazing blogs to obsess over. If you know of one, leave it in the comments section!

Also, I cannot hit publish on a post without a photo. Physically impossible. So –

that hair. 

Hope you’re having an amazing week!