christmas traditions: tree hunting

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to head to a local Christmas tree farm and pick out a tree. It’s the cutest little family-owned farm, and we’ve been going there for the past few years. 

This year, Brandon brought along his handsaw instead of relying on the chainsaw at the farm because apparently “real men cut down their own trees.” Okay, honey.

It was slim pickings at the farm even though we went earlier than we usually do. We walked all over the property, stopping every few feet. 

Brandon: “How about this one babe?” 
Me: “No, that side is all funky, and besides, it’s not speaking to me.”
Brandon: “Speaking to you? That’s just weird.”

Two minutes later.
Me: “Hey babe, this one is speaking to me! I love it!”
Brandon: “Too small.”

Aven brought along her little Minnie ornament to help us “test” the tree we picked and make sure it was a good one. Just, adorable. I can’t take it.

I also feel like I should document that Aven has started calling Brandon “babe” because that’s what I call him. It is hysterical. Especially when she’s looking for him and yells “baaaabe, are you?” 

F i n a l l y  we settled on one that didn’t exactly “speak” to me, but it was the right size for our house and it wasn’t ugly. So down it came.

And if you’re wondering, yes, Brandon cut it down but had to borrow a better handsaw. 🙂

It sat bare for a few days before we adorned it with lights and ornaments. And I’m pretty sure we only use about 19% of our ornament stock….are we the only ones who have far more ornaments than will ever fit on a single tree?

What’s your Christmas tree tradition? Real or fake? Cut your own or pre-cut? 

Oh, and we also left the farm with one more thing. 


While we haven’t officially committed to keeping her….she’s still here. And she’s been named. So there’s that.