Another Fix

I am still fairly new to Stitch Fix, and I have found that I like my Fixes more each time as I learn how to use the system better, and they learn my style more.

My first Fix is reviewed here. I didn’t bother documenting the second one because I was pretty unimpressed, but I did keep one cute casual dress that I have worn about 85 times already (only a slight exaggeration), so it turned out to be worth it regardless.

For this most recent Fix, I told my stylist I wanted some loose, flowy tops that would be cool for summer in the South, like what I’ve pinned recently to my wardrobe board on Pinterest. I also requested several jeans to choose from because I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me well.

I got the notification that it was on the way and I totally cheated and peeked to see what was coming. Sorry not sorry. (Read my tips below to find out how to do this!)

Here’s what I received:

(P.S. I really thought this mirror was clean until I saw these pictures. Oops.)

(P.P.S. please be kind and forgiving as I am not a fashion blogger. And for good reason.)




1. Daniel Rainn Richard Crochet Shoulder Top. I was immediately in love with this because I had pinned several similar styles to my Pinterest board. The blue + white combo looks summery to me, and it was a thin material so I knew it would work for hot days. When I tried it on, it was more sheer than I expected, so I’ll have to wear it with a top underneath. That’s not ideal (again, I live in the South and it’s JULY), but I love the crochet detail so much I decided to keep it. It’s more than I normally spend on a top, but I don’t have many “dressy” tops & I knew I would be applying my credit to the bill.


2. Le Lis Feran Cut Out Detail Knit Top. I was not a fan when I peeked and saw that this was coming. It’s better in person, but not by much. It’s more of an A-line tunic style in a lightweight knit fabric. The shape and that shade of yellow do me no favors. (Returned this one). **Rule #1 of SF: You have to try everything on, even if you’re 99% sure you’ll hate it.


3. Lila Ryan Liza Skinny Jean. These are pretty darn near perfect jeans for my body type. They feel good on, and fit me in the waist and length. These are a keeper, fo sho.


4. Level 99 Shauna Skinny Jean. Overall, I liked these. If they had been cheaper, I probably would have kept them. But they are more high waisted than the Lila Ryan’s so I felt a little suffocated. And then once I glanced at the price, I knew they were going back from whence they came. (Returned).


5. Just Black Dean Skinny Jean. They were more of a cropped jean with zippers at the ankles. Too loose on me and I just don’t like the style. (Returned).

So I kept two items, and due to the prices, I wouldn’t have kept more even if I wanted to. Generally, one to two items is all I am expecting to keep, so no worries there.

As I’ve mentioned before, the price points are definitely my biggest hang up with Stitch Fix – they are always higher than I would normally spend. (And this is with me marking that I want everything “as cheap as possible”). I do feel like it balances out, though, since I’m super frugal about my other clothing purchases (hey, Target clearance rack) and because these items are picked out for me based on my current needs (so it eliminates the issue of going shopping at a store and buying things you never intended to.)


If you want to try Stitch Fix out, I’d love for you to use my referral code. Once you sign up, make sure to refer your friends so you earn credits too!

If you decide to schedule a Fix, here are a few tips for you:

  • I’ve found it very helpful to pin current likes to my Pinterest board so they can refer to it for my style preferences. (Be sure to update it for current seasonal options!)
  • Make sure you’re as informative as possible in the questionnaire and the Notes to Stylist section, so they can send you a Fix that meets your current needs/wants. (If you have an event/vacation coming up, tell them about it! And be specific.)
  • One key tip that will save you major frustration: Only list the things you DO want in the Notes to Stylist section, rather than what they should avoid. For example, if you say “No long pants or jackets” that may actually read as a request for pants and jackets. So instead write an affirmative statement, like “Please send shorts and short-sleeves only”.
  • Oh! And to peek at your Fix once it’s been shipped, download the StitchFix app to your phone. Click on “Checkout” and you’ll be able to see images of the items – just be very careful not to actually go through the checkout process since you haven’t received it yet!


If you try it out, I’d love to hear about your experience. Email me or comment below!