beloved weekly shares { week 1/52 }

Guess who’s back? Back again…

First, Happy New Year!

Back in October when I jumped on the #Write31Days bandwagon, I left my Beloved Weekly Shares in the dust. But I’ve missed sharing my favorite finds and links every week, so I’m starting off the new year with my first post of 2016 and a new round of BWS!

Welcome to week 1/52:

In this piece, I see myself as I am now: mom to a toddler, oftentimes frazzled and just trying to get through Target with everyone still smiling. But I also see my future mom self; who I’ll be when my babies are grown, and what I’ll say looking back over the most precious years of my life.

These fox flats. I die. So much so that I bought another pair a size up for Aven because her current ones are a little too snug. *P.S., they are on sale right now. 🙂

Sleep is important. I could have confirmed that for you right about Day 3 of Motherhood, since you really learn this lesson when it’s TOO LATE, but this article actually backs it up scientifically. Pretty interesting stuff. 

Sometimes I get on an organization kick, and I love my house so much when everything is in it’s place. (I just wish it came naturally to me!) Scrolling through this list of Jen’s top organization posts makes me want to spend ALL DAY getting things in order.

Thanks to a mom on a mission, so many children with Down Syndrome in China now have the chance to join families and flourish. This makes me smile, all the way from my heart to my face.

And if you’ll let me, I wanted to share a piece of my own. It’s the first piece I’ve had published somewhere other than my own site, something I hope to do more of in this new year. I snapped this Instagram picture several months ago when my new North Face jacket arrived in the mail….and was promptly hijacked by my toddler. It made me realize all the many, countless ways we moms give of everything we have.

I’m really looking forward to this next year, and I can’t wait to share with you as I go. Thanks for being here! 


8 month update

It’s been 8 months since she joined our family. 
We are at that point now where I’m actually having a hard time remembering what life was like before her. She is our new normal, and any time spent away from her doesn’t feel quite right.

This past month has been one of lots of growth for our girl. And her personality is blossoming. She is chatty, a little dramatic, funny, emotional, and extremely observant.

Nicknames: Bird. Ave. Babygirl.
Eye Color: blue blue blue!
Hair: seems to be a darker blonde now; the rat tail now does a 
little curl which is too cute.
Who does she look like? She is a good mixture of both of us.

Weight: my guess is 20lbs but won’t know for sure til next month!
Height: LONG. haha
Clothing: 9 months. Pants typically have to be 12 months to fit (!)
Diapers: size 3
Favorite toys: plastic red cup for bath time and measuring cups are the new go-to.
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib mostly. If she wakes up after 4 or 5 am, she’ll just 
stay in our bed but that’s pretty rare.
Food/Routine: breastmilk (every 3 hours); oatmeal cereal (1x/day); baby food (1 or 2x/day). Right now she loves peaches and PEAS! 
Usually a morning and an afternoon nap.
Nighttime sleep: Still waking once per night. She’s had a couple of full nights of sleep this past week which I’m loving but not getting attached to.
Teething?: We started this month with 2 bottom teeth. Now she also has 
four – yes, FOUR – top teeth.
Words: Hudson, Angel (our dog’s names)
New Discoveries/Milestones: 
Sitting up on her own
High 5’s
Face diving for stuff but not crawling yet

As in, our boxer’s name. 
She is completely obsessed with him lately. And our chihuahua, Angel, too. So naturally, “Angel” was her second word. In the mornings, she looks everywhere around the room until she spots them and then a big grin always appears.
“Mama” better be next, little girl.

Hudson’s face on the bottom left picture – priceless.

Big smiles.

 Highchair for feedings, which she loves!

Does anyone else’s 8 month old look this giant in a high chair? No? Just mine?

Gagging face from the bananas (she has since decided she likes bananas after all). 

Her amber teething necklace may have helped some! She had FOUR top teeth come in at pretty much the same time and she has acted pretty normal.

This is just such a classic Aven face.

I am finally able to put her in the seat of the cart without her falling over – so much easier! And I was given two cart covers as hand-me-downs, so when one’s dirty I always have a spare.

Current microfashion favorite – denim.
(This is a boy’s shirt from H&M!)

And just to keep it real – there’s this face. She doesn’t like to be left alone much, so I have to stay close by a lot more than in the past. Hoping it’s just a phase because my house needs some attention too! 

The face she makes when she’s talking intently (THE BEST).

Standing with support.
(And waving! At dogs, random people, ourselves….)

Bath time is always fun!

Why do I even bother with toys? She is happy to play with boxes, measuring spoons, cups….

First professional baseball game with the family.

This fall weather has been pretty perfect for hanging out by the lake and the pool, so we’ve been soaking it up!

this hair.

A four generation picture of my Gammy, my mom, me, and Aven. Long overdue.

And because I’m trying to use my DSLR more (instead of just my iphone) here are a few photos I snapped of her in just a diaper and a bow.

Happy 8 months to my little wildflower girl!

You can read her 7 month update here.