9 month update

She’s 9 months old! (What!?)

(As per usual, this update is a few days late.)

She’s a quick learner, very observant, talkative, emotional, a busy body, girly, funny, and growing so fast!

{Bow: Alexandra Rose Handmade}

The gorgeous quilt in the background of those first photos was made by a sweet friend of mine who is SO talented. I could not be happier with how it turned out. I’m so thrilled to see this quilt be used and loved and treasured by Aven over the years. Thank you, Adrienne!

Nicknames: Bird. Ave. Baby girl. Boo.
Eye Color: blue 
Hair: sticks up all over. The rat tail is slowly fading away. (sad!)
Who does she look like? both mommy and daddy

Weight/Height: 19.3 lbs (66%) and 29″ long (91%)
Clothing: some 9 months, but also a lot of 12 month. I even put some 18 month pants on her the other day and they fit perfectly (!)
Diapers: size 4, hah.
Favorite toys: board books, cups, sippy cup, stuff from the kitchen
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib
Food/Routine: Up by 7 am every day. Breastmilk (every 3 hours); oatmeal cereal (1x/day); baby food (1 or 2x/day). Usually a morning and an afternoon nap. We still do a bath every night but only use soap every other night. 
Nighttime sleep: Better. She has been sleeping all night and sometimes just waking up early (around 6am). Some days I feed her and put her back down, other days I keep her up depending on our schedule for that day.
Teething?: No new ones, so still just 6. 
New Words: “Go” (I say this to the dogs when I let them outside); “Hey”

New Discoveries/Milestones: 
Army crawling
Dancing (bounces arms up and down)
Leaning in for kisses, sometimes open mouth 🙂
Claps when you say “yay” or “patty cake”
High fives
Puffs snacks
Her shrieking/screaming voice has been found – and we are trying to make it GO AWAY. 

I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted A to be for Halloween this year, until I saw this pic my mom snapped one day while babysitting (her hair is not really this dark, but it IS this crazy)

 A couple of coworkers suggested an 80s baby and it could. not. be more perfect.

 I still can’t believe I found this gem at a consignment shop – hot pink, gold lame’, neon hearts, stars, cut outs…it practically screamed 80s at me from the rack it was hanging on. And I’m also pretty positive it was hanging on that rack since about 1989. Just waiting on me all these years. #fate

I snagged everything in this outfit either from consignment or something we already had, only the headband I bought I new. The wrist sweat bands and leg warmers were old socks that I cut up. So this is definitely an affordable idea for a baby costume!
Halloween ended up being cold and windy – boo (had to say it) – so she was bundled up in a blanket for most of our church’s fall festival. I took some pics of her at home so she could show off her outfit. 🙂

 You guys – does it not look like she’s stretching before her work out in these pictures?! Future model status.

This Johnny Jumper (also from consignment) has been a LIFE SAVER lately. She freakin loves this thing and it’s the ideal distraction for while I’m cooking dinner. It’s also easy to pack up and take with us to whoever is watching her for the day. 

Favorites from this past month…

 (photo credit “Aunt” Shelby)

Your daddy and I love you more every day, Aven!

{8 month update here}

7 Month Update!

Good grief, I feel like I just shared her 6 month update! Does it keep getting quicker? If so I’m not sure that I can handle that.

Big moments this past month included:

Trying solid foods for the first time! 
Yes, we waited until she was 6 months old because girlfriend has been super satisfied with breastmilk only till this point. We began with oatmeal cereal because I wasn’t loving what I read about rice cereal. Then we also started some baby foods like apple, pear, sweet potato, and squash. I have a feeling she isn’t going to like change much because every time we start a new food we swear that she hates it. But then sure enough, the second day she at least tolerates it and sometimes even face-dives for the spoon. So funny. So far she likes sweet potatoes the most!

First trip as a family of three! 
I already shared all about our beach trip in this post, but here’s a few pictures of Aven I didn’t include in that post. We had to snap some of her in her fancy dress from Mimi.

I will be so sad when those little wrist rolls disappear.

Outgrowing everything…
like her swing (too long, but we still use it!), little lamb sleeper (affectionately known as “Lamby”), and a lot of her clothes. She’s also almost too long for her infant tub, but isn’t ready to sit up on her own yet.

2nd illness of her life….BOOOOO. 
There’s maybe nothing more pitiful than a sick baby. 
She got sick for the first time when she was only 10 weeks old from my husband, even though we had practically quarantined him – she still got it. 
This time it started off subtle, just watery eyes and a little runny nose but by day two it was full blown. Brandon and I also got it so it was no joke. I tried to hold off on taking her to the pediatrician because I had a feeling they were going to say “it’s viral, there’s nothing we can give her”  but after a couple of days with a fever we took her. And shockingly, they said “it’s viral, there’s nothing we can give her.”
So. Frustrating.
Thankfully she is better now and it only lasted a few days.

Learning how to sit up on her own!
She literally just started this over the past week and she gets better at it every day.

Nicknames: she’s been my little bird child this past month. She sucks in her bottom lip 
and looks like a baby bird – hilarious.
Eye Color: blue 
Hair: getting longer all over. And of course her rat tail continues to be my favorite thing ever. I don’t care what anyone thinks.
Who does she look like? more people are saying she’s favoring me lately.

Weight: 18 lbs (75%)
Height: 26.5″ (68%) BUT I am convinced they didn’t measure her length accurately because have you seen my child? She is looong! I need to remeasure her myself but right now it’s 11pm and she’s asleep, so…
Clothing: mostly 9 months, especially in sleepers because they have to accommodate those legs!
Diapers: size 3
Favorite toys: she loves playing with the Pampers wipes box in spite of all her toys. Really anything that’s not a “toy” is what she wants…my phone, the remote, my hair….
Love or Hate Baths: Love
Crib or Parents’ Room: Crib
Pacifier?: Nope
Routine: we went back to feeding every 3 hours because she was waking up a lot during the night when we tried to stretch it out. She still takes a morning nap most days and usually an afternoon nap if we’re lucky but we have to work for them! They don’t just happen like they used to. 
Food: breastmilk, oatmeal cereal once/twice a day, and baby food once/twice a day. 
Nighttime sleep: totally hit or miss right now. She wakes up at least once most nights. Bummer.
Teething?: yes and yes. Seems to have a top one coming in now. Just got her an amber teething necklace so we’ll see if that helps. (Brandon thinks I have totally lost my mind.)
New Discoveries/Milestones: Beginning to sit up on her own using her hands to stabilize; Rolling, rolling, rolling all over the place; Laughing a lot more; Starting to learn the wave motion with her hand but doesn’t quite understand it yet; Reaching for people (the best!).

This is her new favorite face to make. And it cracks me up every. single. time.

headband: Jennifer Ann Style

best face ever. amiright?!?

I love you, little bird! You are my favorite 7 month old in the world.

Aven Harper is 6 months old! {Monthly Update}

This blue-eyed ray of sunshine is SIX months old. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through her first year! I’m trying to savor each day, each phase, each milestone. This past month was filled with lots of firsts, some fun and some really tough. Some coming within just days of each other. Might have broken my mama heart just a little with all her growing, but I’m loving this stage so much.

Now we play with the props. 🙂

I joke about her being my BFF but let’s be real; we do everything together. Heck, if I could strap her in her new Ergo and take her with me to work, I totally would. She might even soften up the cranky patients a bit.

Nicknames: Monkey, Bug, Boo…these literally change daily.
Eye Color: still very blue
Hair: the “rat tail” continues to rock on, even though her pediatrician recommended trimming it since she has eczema on the back of her neck that we have to keep moisturized. When he heard me (involuntarily) gasp at his suggestion, he insisted that I DID NOT have to. 🙂
Who does she look like? me when she smiles…Brandon the rest of the time.

Weight: 17 lbs!
Height: ??
Clothing: 6 months
Diapers: size 3
Favorite toys: any kind of teether. Also loving her exersaucer and playmat lately.
Love or Hate Baths: Love. Splashes water everywhere. Shrieks with delight.
Crib or Parents’ Room: Crib
Pacifier?: Nope
Routine: eating every 3 hours during the day. down to 2 long naps and 1 short nap per day for the most part. 
Food: breastmilk only thus far, but I’m starting her on solid foods this week!
Nighttime sleep: This month sleep has been a little rough with teething. She’s been waking up a lot at 1am, but in the last week we’ve had a couple of all-nighters. Reminds me of her newborn days and makes me thankful we are through that phase. Looking forward to this leveling out, hopefully soon!
Teething?: TWO have come in just in the last month! And they came in fast. Under the gums one day, through the gums the next. We seem to be having more coming in, maybe the top ones now?
Rolling over?: Yes. This happened literally within hours of cutting that first tooth right after turning 5 months old. Now I’m terrified for when crawling starts.
Sleeps: on her belly or her side.
New Discoveries/Milestones: 
Yelling playfully (my younger brother says she sounds like a dinosaur and I’d say that’s pretty accurate) 
Rolling over
Fake coughing 
Two teeth
Mimicking sounds / faces (like sticking her tongue out)

One of my favorite things is seeing how she sleeps. So girly! If only we could all look this beautiful and dainty when we nap! 

This month in pictures….

…waking up happy…

the mullet – in alllll it’s glory!…

 …rolling over…

…lots of tummy time…

…and tongues out…

…experiencing the beach for the first time! So. much. fun. More on that here

first high chair experience…

…strangely excited despite an eczema diagnosis at the pediatrician’s office …

falling asleep on me instead of fighting me…

…those lips…that wispy hair…sigh…

...Teething: sleepless nights…crying episodes…at times inconsolable. Teething sucks…

bath time silliness…

petting Hudson…he doesn’t seem to mind… 😉

…and showing off those teeny tiny teeth!…

That wraps up this past month. It’s been a fun one. I love you, Aven Harper! You’re the coolest chick I know. I’m pretty thrilled I get to be your mom. 

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