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Aven turned three years old just ten days before we welcomed her brother. I no longer do update or milestone posts, but I want to always remember the little things about her at each age. So here is my random, stream-of-consciousness, Things I Love About Aven Harper, Age Three, along with some of my favorite photos from the last few months.


My sweet Aven,

You are three! “Fwee”, as you would say. We registered you for three-year-old preschool recently, and ohh myyy. I’ve had to keep my emotions in check over that one. (It’s only 9 hours a week, I keep telling myself. And it doesn’t even start till the fall, so I have time to prepare myself.)

I know you’re going to love it.

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The Handprints On My Dishwasher

I used to imagine what my husband and I would be like when we had our first child.

We would be parents who didn’t act like “parents.” We would be COOL PARENTS.

We wouldn’t let our kid become the center of our universe. 

Our house wouldn’t be taken over with blocks and trains and dolls. We would relegate all of that “stuff” to a small, designated area. I would not be that parent who talks about their kid incessantly, or who’s social media is a gigantic, glaring spotlight on their kid, or who arranges their free time around their child’s schedule and activities.


The time has come and I’ve had to eat all of those words. Every. Last. Crumb. 
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Aven’s party details {& party planning for the non-hostess}

Confession: I am not a “hostess” type.

The more people who RSVP with a “yes” the more I want to go hide in a corner until it’s over, no matter what type of event I’m planning. I cheer when people say they can’t make it. 




During the planning of my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, my philosophy was “it doesn’t have to be fancy!

Y’all. This is a two year old’s party. She will relive it through photos one day, but she will not remember it. I tend to let myself get overwhelmed with the details of events rather than focusing on the ultimate purpose, and I was determined not to let that happen. At the end of the day, I just wanted Aven to have a good time with all the people she loves. 

{ Hey look! This was my own Minnie party, back in the day! Check out my mom’s cake decorating skills. Impressive! She definitely IS the hostess type. }

I started drafting this post the day after the party when we were still in recovery mode, because I know there are lots of people like me who feel that party planning is out of their comfort zone. But even for us non-hostess types, you can pull off a great party and have fun while planning it – I promise!

Here are some shots of the party and a list of things I found to be super helpful during the planning process. 

(her ears are actually pigtail clips from this Etsy shop)
keep it simple. here’s how:

1. stick with a narrow theme and color scheme. 
Because it’s her absolute favorite, we originally chose a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, which would include a whole cast of characters. But since a ton of party planning is incorporating the colors of your chosen theme, and I wasn’t loving the use of so many bold primary colors for a little girl’s birthday party. I changed it up to a simpler theme of Minnie Mouse only, and stuck with the colors black+white, gold, and pale pink. SO glad I made this change. It really made it so much easier. If possible, stick to neutrals and one or two pops of color. (Also – buy paper products and utensils in neutral colors so you can reuse the excess later).

2. choose just a couple of “statement pieces”.
You could easily run around spending lots of money and time buying 200 different party decorations and supplies. OR you could choose just a couple of large-scale, key items that will be the focus of the party.

So, instead of a bunch of balloons, I used only FOUR. Yes – FOUR. I had one giant 30″ pink balloon, one huge number “2” Mylar balloon, and then two regular pink balloons for our mailbox. (balloons and paper straws purchased from this Etsy shop)

I also happened to find (really, it was fate) a black and white polka dot blanket with Minnie’s silhouette on it in the kid’s bedding section at Target. It couldn’t have been more perfect for the party and it became the primary inspiration for the rest of the decor. We used it as a focal point and backdrop on the day of the party. Bonus….we get to use it after the party! 

3. party basics: banners + signs.
There’s a reason why party banners show up at every party: they’re cute AND easy! I strung a three tiered one on the fireplace mantle. It was black so I just wrote “happy birthday Aven” with chalk and strung it with black and white baker’s twine. I traced out the word “TWO” on glitter scrapbook paper and then strung that on the Minnie blanket backdrop. DONE. (I meant to move the “TWO” banner to the front of the high chair as decoration when we did her cupcake and candles, but I forgot. Anytime decor can pull double duty – go for it!)

I also purchased a chalkboard easel (something I wanted anyway and will for sure use again) and placed it outside by the front door as a welcome sign.

4. favors that function as a party element.
I bought a set of 12 Mickey and Minnie ears and placed them by the front door with a sign that said “We’ve got Ears, say Cheers!” They doubled as both decor and party favors for the kiddos. Another idea I love is to use food as favors – some extra special little snack you’ve put together and pre-packaged.

5. food: pick a theme.
We decided to do a morning (10am) pajama party, so the food was a no-brainer. My awesome husband made Minnie-shaped pancakes (!), and we did other breakfast foods as well. Fruit, pigs in a blanket, hashbrown casserole, monkey bread – those types of things.

Also – let your food decorate for you. You can put your cupcakes in a pretty stand and make it the centerpiece on the table.

6. use decor you already own.
I raided Aven’s nursery, my kitchen, and my box of party supplies for accent pieces that matched the party. I also borrowed several things from generous family members, like kid tables (which we covered in polka dot craft paper), platters, and trays. 

7.  Pinterest is your party-planning friend. 
Chances are, your party theme has been done, documented, and Pinterest-ed, so you can borrow other people’s creative ideas when you come up short on your own. I even printed coloring sheets off a link I found on Pinterest, so the kids would have a little activity to occupy themselves with. 

8. some things just don’t matter – don’t waste time or brain power on them.
I am not the girl who’s going to bake a birthday cake. Just, no. Instead, I ordered Publix cupcakes and we stuck Oreo Thins in them as Minnie ears. Done. Work within your wheelhouse! Or have friends and family help you. You don’t have to do it all. 

So, which side are you on? Does party planning make you giddy or give you an anxiety attack? I’d love to hear any other tips you guys have!

easy babies: real or mythical creatures?

You’ve heard them/seen their Instagram posts:
“Oh, Aden is just such a chill little guy; always has been!”
“Jackson doesn’t really cry. Maybe when he’s hungry? Even then it’s more of a whimper.”
“Addie: happy baby alert!!! #Blessed.”

Okay. I’m going to go ahead and admit how obnoxious those phrases can be, only because for a long time I wished I could say the same. 

But maybe you have one and can vouch for their existence? Or maybe you’re more like me with no real concept of what “easy baby” even means. My brain just doesn’t compute those two words being in agreement with one another, so when I hear that description, I’m quite honestly perplexed and intrigued, daydreaming about what that looks like.
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A two-year-old calls me mom. I know! What in the world.

I’ll admit I somehow became one of those people saying I had a “19 month old” or a “22 month old” so I have hereby vowed to no more counting by months since we’ve crossed the two year threshold. I apologize to those who find this utterly annoying. In an ironic twist, I too, find this annoying. Time to LET IT GO.
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2 1 m o n t h s { update }

Remember that time I wrote every day for 31 days straight and then took a two and a half week hiatus? Well, I’m back! Just needed some time to recoup. 

It has been a minute since I did an update on Aven. Well, it’s been three months and in the life of a toddler, that’s a chunk, so here we are talking about all things Aven. 

First, can I just say how much I love this age? She is totally my little sidekick. We go everywhere together and she’s becoming such a helper with whatever I’m up to. 

She’s also a talker, so we always have some kind of conversation going. When she talks she nods her head around like a teenager and it’s hysterical. I am also loving the fact that I can actually reason with her and talk through things, and she understands me. It helps us avoid at least some meltdowns and tantrums. 

She’s just becoming such a little person, and it’s so fun to watch. 

C l o t h i n g
Aven wears 24 month/2T clothing for the most part. We do have some 3T stuff that she can already fit into (WHAT IN THE WORLD). Shoes – size 7. Diapers – size 5.

Nope, she’s never been a small one, and that’s fine by me. 🙂

R o u t i n e 

Not much has changed in this arena since I last updated at 18 months. She’s up around 7a, eats breakfast pretty much right away, and the first thing out of her mouth every morning is “Mickey??” so we often start the day with an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Lunch around 12 and not long after is heading for a nap. Naptime is usually 1.5-2 hours. I always lay down with her initially, and sometimes I linger and nap with her because I know these days will be ending soon. 

After waking up, she eats an afternoon snack and watches tv for a bit. Dinner is between 6-6:30p and then she heads into what we lovingly call “crack mode.” Basically she runs all over the house, using every last bit of energy stored up, and dances, sings, yells, throws her arms in the air and generally acts like a fool. It’s hilarious. 

7:30p is bathtime (her favorite) and she’s laying down by 8p. We just sing a few lullabies and then lay her down awake. She falls asleep almost immediately most nights. If she does cry, it’s short-lived, because girlfriend is tired.

F a v o r i t e s 
As mentioned, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the center of her universe right now. She is truly obsessed. She sometimes yells out “Oh tooooodlessss!” in the middle of playing with toys, and has the funniest granny-style dance moves to the opening song. So of course, we had to represent when Halloween rolled around. She was the cutest Mickey you have ever seen, minus the ears because this kid tolerates nothing on her head. Instead she got little mouse/pigtails. 

Her other favorite tv show is Sesame Street because of “Eh-mo.”

Stuffed animals: Ella the Elephant, Blue the Doggie (she calls him “Bew”), Monk Monk, and Goat. Needs them all in her crib with her night. Not into baby dolls at all, but animals are apparently her jam.

Airplanes / Helicopters / Trains

Mickey Mouse.

Outdoors. If she’s outside, she’s happy. 

Pretend cell phones.

Yogurt dips. Puffs.

Bubbles / Balls / Books / Shoes / Coloring  

Did I mention Mickey Mouse? 

W o r d s  /  L e a r n i n g 
We are teaching her numbers, letters, colors, animal sounds, and shapes during playtime/bathtime/car rides.

Her vocabulary is really growing, and she’ll put together two- or three- word sentences now, like “Aven eat” or “Mommy go upstairs.”

She cannot say her L’s. Instead she replaces it with a “y” sound. Which makes so many words just so stinking adorable, like “yeh-yow (yellow) or “yight” (light). This is my favorite thing, maybe ever??

She can count to 10 with help. She can recognize her name when spelled out, and can recognize almost all letters. We are starting to teach her the alphabet using foam letters during bathtime.

New animal sounds, of the nontraditional variety, because those are more fun: Deer: “grunt grunt” / Turtle: “wah wah wah wah” / Crab: clicking sound while making “pincher” fingers / Hippo: “chomp chomp”. I have a video of some of these I’ll post on Instagram later 🙂

P e r s o n a l i t y 
Friendly. Social. Talkative. Demanding. Opinionated. Joyful. Girly. Sensitive. Dramatic. Sweet.

Q u i r k s 
Hates to have her feet touched  //  Every time she sneezes she yells “tissuuuue!”  // Waves at literally everything  //  “Sniffs” every flower she sees, even pictures of flowers.  //  “Fake” sleeps, complete with little snores and whistling sounds that I can only assume were learned from cartoons // Is OBSESSED with order and organization (she will put things back, shut drawers, and close doors behind me all.day.long.)  // Boo-boos require ice, but not for the boo-boo, just for her to munch on.

Crazy kid. 

F i r s t s 
Library trip
Day trip to the mountains
Kiddie train ride
Encounter with chickens, goats, pigs, and horses
Learned to give “thumbs up!”
Potty *attempts*

Oh, Aven Harper. You make my heart sing and my face smile. I’m so proud to be your mom.  

1 8 m o n t h s

So listen. I now have an 18 month old. I’ve been a mom for 18 months. A year and a half year old kid calls me mom. 
Hold the phone. 
I’m obviously having a hard time wrapping my head around this.
I try really hard not to lament over time and how quickly all of this goes, but instead focus on the current milestone. The current phase. The current weight of her in my arms (25 pounds if you’re asking). But DANG. I do believe this second year is going by even quicker than the first one did.

As of late, Aven is really becoming her own little person.

She’s still very social and thrives in groups, especially when she knows and loves those people. Her vocabulary has really grown and even if it takes a little while to learn people names, it only takes her a few minutes to learn dog’s names. (Little pet lover.) 

She occasionally throws tantrums now which is super fun. (sarcasm abounds). They usually start if she doesn’t get to go play outside (aka, where she would live if we would let her). She then falls on the floor dramatically and bangs her head on the floor – a move that my little brother used to do so it kind of makes me want to laugh. Just a little. Charlie, did you teach your niece your head bangin’ ways? 

We are encouraging independence as much as possible because it has never been her strong suit. Even when she was too small to notice if I left the room…uh, she noticed. And this many months later she still hates to be by herself. I’ve even resorted to propping a gate up in the doorway of the playroom, just so she’ll play for 5 minutes without me. Any advice on this is welcome 🙂

She’s very routine-oriented, which I would assume is true for most little kids. These days, she’s up at 7-7:30am and eats at the same times we do, with a snack around 4pm. She naps after lunch for 1.5-2 hours, and then its bath and bedtime 7:30-8pm. No more bottles, only milk from sippy cups (this was a big deal for us because girlfriend adored her bottle!)

So although there are always bumps in the road of raising a child, there is also a whole lot of fun going on around here lately. 

Toddlers. Are. Crazy.

{ here are our favorite Aven-isms & pictures since I posted her last update at 14 months: }

If something requires a fist bump – a frequent occurrence in our house – she’ll run from wherever she is to give everyone a fist bump, including the dogs. (Um, adorable).
She dances to all kinds of music but still hearts Taylor Swift the most. Her dancing = her entire body bobbing up and down with a twirl thrown in sometimes.
Knows lots of animal sounds, but my favorite one by far is her whale impression. (there’s a video of it on my instagram from about a month ago)
If we’re driving on a curvy road, I’ll hear “weeeeee……wooooaahhh” from the backseat. 🙂 

Sidewalk chalk is a new favorite pastime. 
“Nak” is her way of saying “snack” and it’s hilarious. Also, she says it 500 times a day.
When we drop her off at the church nursery, she walks down the hall stopping at all the classrooms to wave and say hi to the other kids. (Social butterfly, I tell you).
Obsessed with trains (real ones).

Does a super cute impression of the wind.
Isn’t really into cartoons which I’m happy about, but she does love Elmo. And her Praise Baby DVD comes to the rescue as needed. 
Sticker obsessed and her favorite place to stick them is on my face. Or my floors.

Refuses all bows and hairbands which I’m sure is payback for the headbands I forced on her when she was too little to yank them off. 
Gives eskimo kisses.

Waves at everything, including tree limbs blowing in the wind because obviously they are waving at her and it would be rude to not wave back. (dear Jesus never let this sweetness end).
Is convinced our boxer Hudson is her bestie and she usually plops down next to him on his bed. Like I said on instagram last week, he definitely gets extra crowns in heaven. 

Asks for lotion on her hands and then promptly bends over to lotion her legs. A girl can’t have dry legs. No idea where she learned this. Ahem. 
Carries around my old stuffed panda bear, which is bigger than she is. And then uses him as a pillow.
Loves to FaceTime and gets super hyped when the phone rings. (She knows the Facetime ring is different from the regular ring.)
Favorite toys are those she can push around the house: her lawnmower, stroller, and vacuum, or even a stray chair will do. And nothing makes her laugh like her giant purple ball. It’s the simple things, people.

this was one of her last bottles ever.

{ firsts }
pinkeye-ish illness (never confirmed by Dr. but treated as is).
riding in the “car cart” at grocery store
wearing flip flops
zoo trip
trip to the beach as a toddler (more on that here)

Aven Harper, I love you so! All 18 months of you.

when things aren’t as they seem. {family picture day}

Back in February, our favorite photographer shot some one year photos of Aven. She also did our maternity and newborn photos, so we were excited to shoot with her again. She’s one of those photographers that just makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera. Basically, a total pro.  Which, as you’ll see, is especially helpful when dealing with a cranky toddler. We recently got the photos back and they are simply GORGEOUS. But seeing them took me back to the day of the shoot which was an all around fail, not exaggerating. It reminded me – things aren’t always as they seem. Not in photos. Not in life.

Here’s what you should know.

On the day of this shoot, Aven woke up early. Like 6:15 early. She refused her typical morning nap. She also hated the lunch I offered her, because of course. Nap attempt #2 was a success but short-lived. Not only did the quick nap interrupt my shower (kiiiind of important before taking special photos) but it also ate into my outfit planning time. So I grabbed some random pieces from everyone’s closet and a handful of flower crowns and just hoped they would all work together. After taking the first round of pictures I decided it was time for a bottle and a diaper change because THEN we would have a happy baby. Except, NOT. No. That is not how it went down.

Oh, and P.S., it was overcast and sprinkling on and off. For the love.

We called it a day and crossed our fingers that something magical would take place inside her camera. Welcome to motherhood, yes?

But then, this:


She is so beautiful it hurts. No one would ever know the madness that actually went on, thanks to our flipping amazing photographer. Unless, of course, I told you. 

So that’s why I’m telling you. Because you need to be reminded that things aren’t always as they seem. 

When you see someone’s presentation of a life that appears a little too picture perfect… a little too good to be true? It probably is. Without a doubt.

Remember, there is an entire cutting room floor littered with layers upon layers of images that were mediocre or just straight up terrible. And if we’re being honest, we’d be pretty happy if those never see the light of day. True for family photos; true for life. I have countless pieces of my life, parts of me, attitudes, actions, and choices that certainly aren’t fit for framing. I’m guessing you’d say the same thing. 

Grump face exhibit A:

Never forget about the cutting room floor. You have one. I have one. We all have one. Awareness of this is how we battle insecurity and inferiority. No one has it together in every category. That is just delusional thinking. And in the same way, letting others in on your flaws cultivates humility – even when it’s hard and uncomfortable.

As a follower of Christ, we need to use the unedited and less-than-pretty to point to the One who can make it right. 
“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

All images in this post are (c) D. Crowe Photography. She is the definition of a gifted photographer, and I’m grateful to have her permission to share these photos on my blog. 

life lately + favorites

Over Aven’s first year, I did monthly updates on her recent milestones, our current routines, & moments I wanted to remember. Rather than continuing to do these monthly, I’ll pop in from time to time when we’ve had some changes in routine or recent updates I want to track and share.

She is now 14 months old, or the simpler and less annoying way of saying it: She is a little over one year old.

Most fun lately for me has been watching her learn new things practically every day and her growing vocabulary. She’s a griper by nature – she always has to be making some sound and communicating in some manner. I’m encouraging her to use the words she does know whenever she can and I make sure to acknowledge quickly so she sees it’s more effective than a gripe or a whine.

Most fun lately for her has been walking! She’s so good at it now and face plants less often which we are all happy about. She is content to just toddle around whatever room I’m in most of the time. Usually carrying some semblance of a purse. Such a GIRL.

headband: Olivia Avenue (this is my current favorite shop for accessories)

Worst moment lately was when she fell off the bed last week. Part of me was all yay, we made it 14 months before a fall off the bed! and the other part of me hurt way more than she probably did. Not only did she fall off with me sitting next to her (you can give me my Parent of the Year award later) but she fell onto her Mamas&Papas Seat that I had just set down next to the bed. It was pitiful and scared her half to death. I called my firefighter/EMT father and my pediatric nurse friend and we all concluded that she would, in fact, survive.

Signs: more, eat/food, please, bath, diaper (just points at diaper repeatedly).

New words: Toe (but she says “no”), up, down, turtle (says “tuh-tull” – so presh), eye, bracelet (sort of), hot, night night, owl, hoot hoot, ribbit (it’s really just a growl sound whenever you say frog), moo.

Clothing: She is wearing mostly 18 months clothes now, with a few exceptions. (P.S. moms with girls – Target is killing it right now with adorable spring and summer clothes. I always watch for mobile coupons and/or Cartwheel deals.)

headscarf: Lemons and Lace (fun fact: I named the one she is wearing! It’s called Magnolia Mae & it’s one of my favorite headbands ever.)

Teeth: getting 2 top molars and 1 bottom molar. These are taking their sweet time coming in which I feel like has been easier for her to tolerate. This banana toothbrush doubles as a teether in our house. It’s really pliable and the bristles feel good on her gums.

Routine/Food: She is still taking three full (8-9 oz) bottles per day, along with one 4 oz bottle just before bed (mostly for soothing/routine purposes). She practically hyperventilates when she sees a bottle warming up so I’m not in a big hurry to get rid of them yet. She eats a bowl of oatmeal every morning and LOVES it. Finger foods and snacks include crackers, cheese, granola bars, rice cakes, puffs, cheerios, fruit, yogurt, & bread, along with water (no juice yet). We still do at least one jar of baby food per day (usually something with meat). 

We have been using these new Baby Bjorn bibs and bowls for mealtime and they’ve made our lives so much easier. I really wish I had these back when we first started solid foods! The Soft Bib has a clasp-type closure so even my girl who typically rips bibs off in two seconds can’t figure this one out. Since Aven is feeding herself, my floors (and dogs) see an absurd amount of crumbs after each meal, but this BB bib has a spill pocket along the bottom to catch all the mess. I’m pretty thrilled about not having to clean outfits, highchair seats, AND floors after each meal. That is a huge deal. RIGHT? (Although I’m pretty sure my dogs are wishing the crumb catching bib would just disappear completely.) The BB Plate is clover-shaped and really deep which keeps the food contained and easier for them to scoop out on their own.

(P.S., these would make a great gift set for a baby shower or even a first birthday!)

Sleep: I hesitate to type this, but she has been sleeping through the night consistently for a while now. Nearly 12 hours. (Someone tell me why I still don’t feel rested?!)

Other fun//funny//firsts:
fist bumps.
first ponytail.
completely weaned from nursing. (will detail more about this in a later post)
can climb up onto our futon by herself.
obsessed with her toes. (She kisses them all the time, photographic evidence below).

first bang trim (wahhh I didn’t want to but I had to).
knows how to knock on a door.
first time at the park (made friends with some older kids, because of course. She’s the extrovert I never wanted to be.)

Lastly, we had an amazing Easter celebrating our risen Savior! Aven was tiny last year – only about two months old – and actually had her first sickness over the Easter holiday. This year was so fun teaching her how to hunt eggs, and even though she isn’t a fan of the grass (like I said, such a GIRL), she did enjoy carrying her basket around. I can’t wait for the coming years when we’ll get to teach her about why Easter is so special and meaningful. 

Happy spring, everybody!!

Disclaimer: I received the Baby Bjorn products for review as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program. All opinions are my own. 


I can’t even believe I’m writing this right now, but my kid is ONE. I have a one year old. I’ve been a mom for 12 months. WHAT.

Funny how all the stereotypical parental sayings are turning out to be one-hundred percent accurate.
“They just grow up so fast.”
“Parenting is the toughest job there is.”
“It’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”
ALL TRUE. I guess that’s why people say them. Because they’re true.

This first birthday has created a strange mixture of feelings inside me. Disbelief/happiness/sentimental to the max/pride/joy/compulsive need to remember everything and take note of all the ways she’s still little. But mostly, happiness. 

There are times when I think, how can it be a year already? Weren’t we just taking our last drive as a twosome to the hospital to meet this baby? Then on other days it feels like she’s always, always been a part of our lives, and how can it possibly be only one year? It’s definitely bittersweet. I’m purposely making a point to not describe it as “sad.” Being present in the life of my growing, happy, healthy child is nothing to be sad about. (Thank you Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things blog for this post that opened my eyes to seeing my baby’s growth in a whole new, contended kind of light.)

I still wake up surprised that this is my gloriously messy life. Constant exhaustion from the job that never ends. The job that I never, ever want to end because there’s a perpetual ray of bright joy pushing through the dark clouds that can easily creep into motherhood.

Becoming a parent is a lot like getting married. Anticipation, nerves, excitement, and ignorant bliss prelude the big day. Even when people tell you of the highs and lows you’re about to experience – you can’t know until you’re all in. I was UTTERLY unaware of how utterly UNPREPARED I was for motherhood. For this challenge – it has stretched me in every way possible. For this love – it’s so extravagant. For this girl – oh, this girl. Every bit of this past year has exceeded my expectations and I’m grateful I’ve been called to motherhood. What a gift.

kissing her monkey. I die.

She refuses to lay down for these pictures anymore. So….this is what I’ve got.

Nicknames: Wildflower girl. Ave. Avie. Baby girl. Bird.
Eye Color: Still blue as can be!
Hair: blonde….getting in her eyes in the front. Don’t make me trim it.
Who does she look like? Me, from what people say.
Weight/Height: 20 lbs / height- will update after her Ped visit this week
Clothing: some 12 months still fit, but mostly 18 months (!)
Diapers: size 4
Favorite toys: Activity Table, big Legos, a barn that has a door she likes to open and close and stuff other toys inside of.
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib
Food/Routine: Up by 7am. 
Eats solids 3x/day. A bottle (transitioning completely to whole milk now) 5x/day. (I still nurse in the am and pm, but will be cutting that out soon as well.)
Bath at 7:30pm. In bed by 8:30pm.
Nighttime sleep: sleeping good through the night but waking up early (6ish)
Teething?: not currently
New Words
“thank you” (sounds like “daaadoo”)
“gone” (says this one alllll the time. after finishing every bite. after throwing each toy into the floor)
“uh oh” 
Loving lately: always so obsessed with our dogs!
Hating lately: being confined in any way. Girlfriend wants to explore.
Walking? Not yet – soooo close though!
Milestones & New Discoveries:
standing by herself
first tastes of cake and sugar!
feeding herself (some)
drinking whole milk
first aquarium experience
can sign “bath”

Here’s one thing I need to know, though. CAN I STILL CALL HER A BABY? I mean, I know she’ll always be my baby, but I need to know when it’s no longer socially and developmentally acceptable to call her a baby. She can stand up on her own and is half as long as me when I hold her. But she’s still a baby for now…..right? Just say yes.

And here’s a recap of her first year in monthly pictures! 

To my little wildflower girl, I love you more than anything. I kinda wish there was a word bigger than love that I could give you, but it’ll have to do. 

{I had to revisit her birth story, probably something I’ll do every year in some capacity. If you’d like to read it, click