I’m Shanna, wife of 12 years to Brandon, and work-from-home mom, raising our three beautiful babes: Aven, Finn, & Elowyn. 

This space was born right along with my first baby, Aven, back in 2014. I began telling stories about life as a new mom, and soon found that I had fallen in love with this writing life. (Or, back in love, might be more accurate…writing has been a shadow of mine since childhood, following me through all kinds of endeavors and now finally settling into its rightful place.)

I believe motherhood has been beautifully crafted and gifted to us to reflect God in a completely unique way. I feel a heavy calling to remind moms of the truth that you are doing actual kingdom work, day in, and day out. When we rely on God – his strength, his wisdom, his grace – our Motherhood shines as it rightly should.

Nothing has taught me more about the heart of God than mothering my kids.

We can pursue what I like to call a “radiant raising” of our kids — that is, one that is intentional and full of grace and truth. One that roots itself deep in the rich soil of the gospel. I want to push back against the culture that tells us children are a burden, that motherhood can be reduced to a snarky meme, and that #momlife is just something we only survive with our drink of choice in hand.

There is more. I promise. 

And that’s why I’m here. I want to help you see the more.

Before I spent my time tending babies and typing words, I worked as Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (the person who performs ultrasounds) at a few local hospitals. I worked part-time, and then even more part-time for nearly nine years. Cue the end of 2019, five-ish months after having my third baby, I decided to quit my ultrasound job to stay home with my kids and do freelance writing work on the side. I have ZERO regrets.

Then 2020 rolled up and now I add “homeschool mom” to my resume. It wasn’t in our original plans, but I’m grateful that it’s where we landed, especially during THE year of twists and turns. It has been a sweet and steady haven for my oldest daughter and my son, as well as for the kids we formed an informal co-op with. I’ve already grown a deep affection and respect for the world of homeschool. It is altogether exhausting and beautiful and feels like a new adventure every day.

Beyond motherhood, homeschooling, and writing, I also have an affinity for children’s books, books in general, figuring out new ways to make my home cozy, theology, iced vanilla lattes in the summer, chai tea lattes in the winter, trying to keep my plants alive, the Marco Polo app, the color green, a fresh journal, and going on walks with my family.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I hope you’ll stay awhile and let me encourage you in whatever you happen to be walking through today. You can connect with me here. I’d love to chat or pray for you if need be. I also have an email newsletter that you can read more about and sign up for by going to shannaleigh.substack.com.

Talk soon!

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