I’m Shanna, proud wife and work-from-home mom, raising our three beautiful babes, Aven, Finn, & Elowyn. 

Mothering has taught me more about the heart of God than anything else I’ve experienced. Raising little ones is sanctifying work, and always calls me to seek out the Glory that can be found, even when on the surface it seems ultra unglamorous. 

This space was born right along with my first baby, Aven. I began telling stories about life as a new mom, and soon found that I had fallen in love with this writing life.

Fellow moms looking for a soft place to land? That’s why I’m here. I need you to know that what you’re doing has actual kingdom purpose, and that the hard work of intentional parenting CAN be done by God’s grace and strength.

When we rely on Him, our Motherhood shines as it rightly should. There is Glory and wonder and radiance to be found right here. Come find it with me? 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I hope you’ll hang around & let me encourage you in whatever you happen to be walking through today. You can connect with me here, or through my favorite social media, Instagram. Talk soon!