Summer legs

Every summer, this same prayer

Dear God, let me never forget 

these little summer legs and

the stories that they tell. 

In my scrapbook of skinned knees and such, you’d find…

his Batman bandaid from two days ago that celebrates the training wheels coming off; 

shin bruises as trophies for the handstand and cartwheel attempts; 

dirt splotches on her knees bookmarking the discovery of her latest worm friend. (“He’s beeaauitful!” she tells me, with sparkles in her eyes);

the pine cone nicks on all of their heels in remembrance of playing “What’s the Time, Ms. Wolf?” at dusk…IYKYK;

the scratches on her ankles signaling the daily barefoot scooter races;

pasty sidewalk chalk patches that tie dye their hands and knees and clothes: an ode to coloring in the rain puddles;

elbow and knee rashes hard-won from hours of pretend pirate play on the floating mat in the lake; 

the splinter from the dock that hitched a ride as she reeled in her biggest catch that day. (Worth it.);

the constellation of mosquito bites scattered knee to toe: a snapshot of the night we stayed up past their bedtime to hunt the backyard fireflies…

all found among the glow of their skin that speaks of a life well-lived outside in His good Creation.

Here’s to letting them wander knee-deep in the depths of childhood, living the dream of running wild and running free in the playground of Creation. Bruises, scrapes, bites, and all.

Oh if these little summer legs could talk, what childhood adventures would they speak of? 

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