New rainboots

She slips her little feet into her new rainboots with my help. 
We head outside to our unofficial therapy, our reset, the surreptitious cure for bad attitudes and restlessness.

I watch her watching a bug, a bird, a truck, her siblings.
She sniffs the mums and shrieks at the katydid.

Taking her in more than I take in the news…it’s good for me.
My delightful counterbalance to all things crazy. 

Her blissful simplicity in place of my hyper-awareness;
Her eagerness to be captivated by beauty when it can’t seem to get my attention; 
Her easy arrival at a smile, when mine is more hard won.
Her relentless pursuit of fun when my own energy is depleted.

This year with her – her tiny hand in mine, through her eyes, at her pace – is exactly the reminder I need. Don’t forget to look up…look around. There is still mercy and grace and beauty to be found. Childlike wonder does a heart good. 

(New rainboots don’t hurt either.)

**This post originally appeared on my instagram @shanna.leigh

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