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Aven turned three years old just ten days before we welcomed her brother. I no longer do update or milestone posts, but I want to always remember the little things about her at each age. So here is my random, stream-of-consciousness, Things I Love About Aven Harper, Age Three, along with some of my favorite photos from the last few months.


My sweet Aven,

You are three! “Fwee”, as you would say. We registered you for three-year-old preschool recently, and ohh myyy. I’ve had to keep my emotions in check over that one. (It’s only 9 hours a week, I keep telling myself. And it doesn’t even start till the fall, so I have time to prepare myself.)

I know you’re going to love it.


You became a big sister just two months ago, and I firmly believe you were meant to hold that title. You carry it joyously and proudly. You truly love to be a helper, and have proven yourself to be a giant help to me in these past eight weeks. Sure, you’ve had some moments where it hasn’t been easy, but even those have been pretty short-lived. You call Finn “baby bruh-ver” or “baby Finn”. You love to hold him and kiss him and tell him “thank you for coming to our family, bruh-ver” and that’s when I’m not sure how my chest even contains my heart because it feels like it’s grown ten sizes. You still pray for him to “have teeth so he can talk and play” with you – and I have to hide my giggle every time.


You can write your first name by yourself, and say your full name. It’s so sweet to hear it in your small voice.

Speaking of your voice, you sure have a lot of words, girlfriend! I never get tired of hearing you ramble on, using words and phrases that are clearly derived from Mickey Mouse (“Oh boy!”), Daniel Tiger (“when you have to go potty – STOP! and go right away!”), or Doc McStuffins (“that’s a great sounding heartbeat!”).

You exaggerate your “R” sounds, just like I did as a kid. You still can’t say your “L’s”, but instead replace it with a “Y”. Instead of a “th” sound, you make it “st”, so “thanks” becomes “stanks” which is way too hilarious to correct.


I can usually find you coloring, playing with your dolls, or in your imaginary world with Princess Jasmine and Rapunzel. You love to sing and dance and paint. You are freakishly good at puzzles.

You speed around the house on your Radio Flyer trike, in a loop through the living room to the dining room and then the kitchen. You pedal so fast sometimes you take a spill, and all the tiny toys you’ve stuffed in the “trunk” go flying and scatter all across the floor. When we’re at home, you can often be found dressed in a princess costume with a flower crown on your head, and piles of plastic, glittery jewelry adorning your neck and arms.

You still insist on a dress every day, so your wardrobe is almost all dresses & skirts. I’ve stopped buying pants altogether, unless it’s leggings for cooler weather, and even those will be worn, of course, under a dress.

Your birthday party was unicorn-themed, per your request.

The girliest girl. ❤


You’ve memorized nearly ten Bible verses so far, complete with hand motions, thanks to our Orange curriculum at church. I am so glad you are hiding His Word in your heart at such a young age. It makes me proud, and I can already see how it’s molding you. When you pray, you talk to Jesus just as if you were talking to me. Last night you prayed, “Today, I falled down Jesus. And I hurt my knees. But I know you can heal it, Jesus.” And then you went on to thank Him for all your family and friends. I pray you never lose that closeness with Him.


You can be bossy and sassy at times. When you’re mad, you furrow your brow, pout your lips, and cross your arms. For discipline, usually all you need is a time-out, and even that breaks your heart. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your sensitive soul….it’s one of your very best traits.

When you get hurt, you ask for ice chips to eat to make it feel better. We ask how many kisses your boo-boo needs, and you usually say two or three. Daddy always gives one extra, which is good because you tend to be dramatic about your ailments.

You recently told me you were going to get married when you turn four. First it was to daddy, but next you said you’d marry Ryder, a cute little boy from church. Ryder’s mom and I agreed we’d be okay with this arrangement.

Once you both turn 30, of course.


And my favorite thing about you right now, sweet girl?

How big you love.

Oh, your love – it overflows. You freely give I love you’s and hugs are tight with both arms. Sometimes when you kiss me, you hold my face in your sweet little hands. When I tuck you into bed, you always ask for “oooonnneee more kiss and hug, mommy?”

I can never say no.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but your heart is even more beautiful than what people can see on the outside.

I love you so big, Aven! You’re my best girl. I can’t believe you’re three! ❤



*All professional photos (c) D Crowe Photography.



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