Write 31 Days Update

Hi friends. I am back home from #Allume conference, which was AMAZING and I will be posting more about that later.

The weekend was so full of firsts for me. First time out of town by myself, rooming with a stranger, attending something where I knew no one, and oh yea…my very first ER visit as a patient. 

The short story is I got 
really ill, like violently ill, and finally had to take my puny self to the local hospital at 2 am Saturday morning. A couple of hours later I was discharged with a food poisoning diagnosis, body full of fluids to combat the dehydration, and a blessed prescription of Zophran to ease the extreme nausea. 

Basically, food poisoning kicked my tail. And I’m still recovering. 

So I plan to be back at it tomorrow with the Write 31 Days challenge, and hopefully feeling more like myself.  Let’s make this upcoming week a great one. 🙂

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