31 Days of Learning to Simplify: Blogging

I’m here at Allume Conference (yipee!) and this morning I got to hear from Myquillin Smith of The Nesting Place. (Love. her.) One of the things she spoke about is the purpose behind your writing and the importance of a mission statement to guide everything you publish. 

I could probably list an entire page of “why I write” but ultimately, as a believer, I write to reflect the glory of God that is in me. We are all called to do that in whatever capacity we have been gifted in. Do you know what that does for me? It totally frees me up. I can speak His truth and be fulfilled no matter who reads it, or what they “get” from it, or what they think of it. That’s because it doesn’t end with me. As Stephanie Smith so aptly stated today, as writers, we are just pointing the way. We are the windows, the go-between, the mouth piece, the messengers. It’s not my message. It’s always His. 

I can simply let Him take the lead. This relieves so much of the pressure I put on myself.

I can simply rely on His guidance. This is how I determine what to speak about and what to not speak about. 

I can simply let Him do the storytelling. This allows me infinitely more joy in the process because it’s always His words. His story. 

It’s all His. 

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