31 Days of Learning to Simplify

I am on a new quest to up my writing game, and I’m looking for opportunities to challenge myself. I’ve been reading about writing (#nerdstatus). I’m attending my first blogging/writing conference later this month (equal parts nervous/excited). And now I’m joining in on the Write 31 Days Challenge for the month of October! (eeek!)

Lately, the Lord has been quietly telling me it’s time to simplify my life – my home, my heart, all of it – so that’s what I’m going to explore over these next 31 days. This will be an experiment in decluttering all the rooms and closets, nooks and crannies of my entire life so I can ultimately live more freely (hence the photo of my niece cartwheeling on the beach!), focused on what’s truly important. I’ll be covering all kinds of topics, from simplifying my wardrobe to my finances to my expectations of myself. I would love for you to follow along, and learn to live a simpler and more intentional life with me.

Every day, I will place the link here so you can easily read through each day’s post. This introduction is my October 1 post, so check back tomorrow as I dive into this journey! (If you enter your email address to subscribe – over on the right sidebar – you’ll get an email when each of my posts go live. Or click over to Bloglovin and follow me there.)  

And one last thing – I wrote these in real time. Most are written the night before or the day of, so there were some circumstantial obstacles that kept me from posting on several occasions, like when I went to the Allume Conference. I am giving myself a pass on those and hope you will too! 🙂

October 2: But Why?

October 3: Wardrobe

October 4: Belongings

October 5: A Cohesive Home

October 6: Hospitality 

October 7: When to Say Yes (& No)

October 8: My Quiet Time & True Worship 

October 9: My Morning Routine 

October 10: Rethinking My Planner

October 11: My Notebook as a Reference Book

October 12: Gift Giving 

October 13: Friendships

October 14: Running away from my comfort zone

October 15: (No post – traveled to Allume Conference)

October 16: Blogging & Writing

October 17: (No post – so. so. so. sick.)

October 18: Update

October 19: My Marriage

October 20: Passions over Hobbies

October 21: Social Media 

October 22

October 23: Destructive Expectations 

October 24

October 25: Finances

October 26: My Mothering

October 27: Relationship Recap

October 28: My Simple Confession

October 29

October 30: Revisiting the Why

October 31: a State of the Heart

Thank you so much for reading!

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