sunshine & rainbows

I saw this play on a famous quote written on an Urban Outfitters mug, and I catch myself repeating it constantly. “It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but a good amount of it actually is.” Please don’t be concerned that I get my inspiration from places such as Urban Outfitters. I will explain. (The mug is sold out or I would link up to it…and also buy it for myself.) 

So many applications for this, but motherhood may be the most fitting of all. 

A good amount of motherhood ACTUALLY IS glorious. That’s the secret sauce in this parenting concoction, I’ve decided. I mean, why else would we sign up for this more than once? So much of it is utter chaos and madness and just….insanity. Some of the phrases that exit my mouth are at minimum – ridiculous. “Aven, honey, we do not high five the dog in the face.” And let’s be honest, a good amount of it is also just really, really tough. 


In the midst of an overcast day, we catch a glimpse of sunshine that manages to radiate through the gloom and mundane. The sunshine is blinding it’s so bright. It comes in the form of a gummy baby giggle. Or witnessing their first unsure steps. Or the first unsolicited “I yuh you mommy.” (Actually that last one is definitely a rainbow in my mind. A giant, coloful, unforgettable rainbow.)  These moments – the rays of sunshine and rainbow prisms – shine so brightly, they warm our faces and reflect on our skin and pierce to the depths of our mama hearts. They tuck themselves away to be drawn upon later – a balm for the weary mom’s soul, a sweet memory for reflection at the end of a demanding day, a catalyst to the energy we need to survive the all-nighters. So powerful is this light in our world that it pushes out the dark that has come before and repaints the scene in vibrant color.

If today has been arduous or exhausting or marginally insane for you, just wait for it. Your sunshine is coming. The rainbow is forming. Sometimes the light finds you, and sometimes you have to chase it. Either way, what we find in those bright moments is the promise that mothering is good and important work. HARD work, but SIGNIFICANT. So, so significant. 

And worth every cloudy day. The light always wins. 

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