organization: kids name labels

I recently bought a small backpack for when I don’t need Aven’s larger diaper bag. It’s much more compact and manageable for quick outings, but I know several other kids will have this bag wherever we go. Because of this, I was thrilled to try out some new custom name labels from Minted to help personalize it. I chose to put only her first and middle name on them since I doubt she’ll be running into another Aven Harper anytime soon. 

How stinking adorable is this one with a kitty face? And I don’t even like cats. But Aven does and she says “mow” when you ask her what cats say.

I also stuck one on the bottoms of all her snack catchers – these round labels fit perfectly. (p.s., they are dishwasher safe and waterproof!)  Snack catchers are one of our most misplaced and left behind items. I’m hoping these name labels will help!

Just being honest, I couldn’t get over how cute these were so I basically walked around the house searching for things I could label. 

Now that we live in a two-story home, I keep a small bin of changing supplies downstairs so I don’t have to carry my 25 pound weight up and down all day for diaper changes. #worksmarterNOTharder

This bin was cute to begin with, but now with the name label? Even cuter. 

a peek inside

other labeling ideas:
differentiating siblings’ belongings from one another
back to school 
boxed up clothing in storage
baby items loaned to friends
special/keepsake books
gift idea 

Minted offers tons of label designs that can reflect your child’s favorite colors, hobbies, animals…really anything. You can also customize the font and color. Organizing is more fun when it’s this cute and personalized. 

Also would it be weird for a “grown up” to order some with her name on them? I’m asking for a friend.

Disclaimer: I received these name labels for review from Minted – all opinions are my own (as in, I really do love these!) 

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