5 month update

My baby girl is 5 months old.  As in almost half a year old. Sadface. 
But also happyface because it just gets more and more fun. She’s so interactive 
and observant now, and just makes me laugh all day long.

Nicknames: Baby girl, Avenator (thanks, Mimi), Boo Boo, Avie
Eye Color: still a blueish gray color
Hair: the top is getting longer, and so is the rat tail…I refuse to cut it despite pressures 
from certain grandparents who shall remain nameless.
Who does she look like? Mostly Brandon I think, but when she smiles she looks like my baby pictures.
Weight: my guess is 16 lbs but we won’t have an exact weight until her check up next month.
Height: no idea. But girlfriend has some loooong legs
Clothing: some 3 months, but mostly 6 month sizes
Favorite toys: Sofie the Giraffe teethers, Taggies blanket, mostly anything 
she can chew on…including her hands and feet.
Love or Hate Baths: Love
Crib or Parents’ Room: Crib
Pacifier?: She chews on her WubbaNub paci, but still doesn’t suck on it.
Routine: eating every 3 hours during the day. down to 2 long naps and 1 short 
nap a day for the most part. 
Food: still only breastmilk 
Nighttime sleep: 10pm-ish to 7am
Teething?: I actually just caught a glimpse of a tooth still under her gums!
Rolling over?: Only onto her side.
Sleeps: on her side with her hands up by her face.
New discoveries/ Milestones: starting to grasp onto bottle, playful shrieking, still sticking her tongue out all the time, copying sounds, sucking on toes 🙂

Monthly Recap..

This past month included Father’s Day….and she’s got a good one. Seriously, the way this girl looks at her dad when he so much as enters the room – it’s ridiculous. He can make her smile when no one else can, and he can rock her to sleep when she fights me. Clearly, we have a daddy’s girl on our hands.

{her adorable dress was made by a friend of mine. Thanks, Savannah!}

This cute little floral romper is special because it was mine when I was a baby, and was the first outfit my mom ever bought for me. I alllmost waited too long to try it on Aven, but it fit long enough for this photo! {P.S., the fact that we can prop her up on the couch without her plopping over is crazy to me! She’s not a tiny baby anymore.}

This month also included her first 4th of July. We had the most perfect 4th of July weather I can ever remember having. Not too hot, breezy, and blue skies! 

This romper is the first outfit I bought for Aven when I was pregnant. It was in Old Navy on clearance and I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad, because it was perfect for the 4th!

She even loved the pool this time around! She did a lot better with us holding her rather than putting her in the baby float…I think she’s still too small for it so she probably doesn’t feel super secure. {Sorry if our extremely pale skin hurts your eyes! Just keep scrolling!}

I have to take a minute to document this child’s hair because it’s hilarious.
Spiky on the top…just like mine was. (Sorry, Aven.)

 And then this….
The rat tail, as I affectionately call it. All the boys had them when I was little…I think Aven is trying to bring it back! My mom even made it into a ponytail when she was babysitting recently.  Ha!

Even though I do get sad that she’s growing so quickly, I can’t wait to see who she’ll be. It’s so much fun watching her little personality emerge and change. Every month that ticks by is bittersweet for me. I just want to soak it all up.

And since you can never have too many photos of this girl, here are my 
favorite random pictures from this past month to finish this update off:

Okay, okay. I’ll stop with the pictures now. Until next month. 🙂

For Aven’s 4 month update, click here.

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