my beloved nest.

This year our nest grew by 9lbs and 4 oz….
…one super sweet (and beautiful of course) baby girl named Aven Harper joined our family. She was born on February 6 and our nest hasn’t been the same since! (In the best kind of way).

Without even counting my long labor and some postpartum difficulties, it hasn’t been what I would call an easy transition (ummm…newborns are no joke!) but it’s far exceeded any expectation I had of motherhood. It’s already become nearly impossible for me to separate myself from this new identity she’s given me. An identity I’m profoundly grateful for.

I hope our nest is somewhere Aven will have lots of laughs and more love than she can even contain.

I want to keep track of all the big and little, funny and sad moments.

Basically, I just want to remember everything. And hopefully, hopefully, encourage a few fellow moms along the way.

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